Sunday, July 06, 2008

Happy long weekend

This weekend was pretty fun. Being a holiday and all, it was filled with a lot more activity than a regular weekend. It pretty much started with Thursday evening. I met some friends out at a pub for great food, cider, darts, gossip, and great company. The next morning my friend asked me if I wanted to go get some breakfast. Being the 4th and all I figured a little splurge would definitely be in order. I had my first and definitely not last experience at the Original Pancake House. Everything was excellent. The food, coffee, and our waitress were all fantastic.

After breakfast I headed over to Mimi and Nate's house for a little 4th party. It wasn't anything huge, just a few friends, a bunch of yummy food, a little swimming between thunder storms, a little karaoke, some cocktails, some knitting, and lots of Melrose Place. Thanks again for having us over, Mimi.

Then the next evening I got together with a few friends. Just some card games (complete with hats), a few rounds of Scatagories, some yummy cocktails, more food, and great company.

Thanks to all my friends for a lovely weekend.

Now for a day of cleaning, and possibly going to the gym to start working off all the nibbling.