Tuesday, April 29, 2008

and by the way

Remember a certain nuisance of a neighbor who couldn't park his car? Apparently his last 2 rent checks bounced and he skipped out of town.

continuing headaches and more ranting

Comcast is by far the worst company that I have ever dealt with. Now I'm having billing issues.

Here's the scenario. I received a bill on April 9th. Payed it online in full on April 12. Today I wake up and my Internet is out once again, and the TV is working just fine. I call and get immediately bounced to a message saying my service is past due. ?!?!?!?!?!?

My next bill comes out on May 9th. So if I payed the complete balance that was on the last bill that I received, I should be up to date. Correct? Not according to Comcast. They say that I have a past due balance that equals 2 months of service. I asked the lady how that could be if I payed the full amount and she says that I actually payed a past due amount from January and February. ?!?!?!?!? I looked at my old copies of my bills and they indicate that up to the bill that was posted on March 9th, my account was up to date. So if I payed the full amount on the April bill, and the May bill comes out on the 9th, then how can I still owe for 2 months? The lady said that she couldn't answer that questions because she just works in the payment department and that I would have to call the billing department. So I call the number that she gave me, and it bounces me back into the same loop telling my that I am past due and takes me directly to the payment department.

First, I have Internet connectivity issues for at least a good 2-3 months, and now they are trying to double charge me. I get bounced around the stupid automated phone system over and over just to reach people who can't answer my questions. And on top of that, I never got the discount that was promised to me for 2 days where I had no TV or internet service at all.

I got a quote from Direct TV today. For high speed internet and 120 channels it will cost me $15.00 more a month? Is it worth it? Any input from Direct TV users? How's the satellite internet service there?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Boys are cute

The other day Daniel told me that he was going to go grocery shopping. I just happened to see his little shopping list laying next to his wallet. Here's what it said:

Ice cream
Lunch Meat
Chips & Dip

I'm glad to see we got all the bases covered :)

On the flip side, last night he told me that he wants to start getting in better shape again. So we declared the following rules:

  • No more ice cream (more his vice than mine)
  • No more beer at home, just when we go out 
  • We'd keep going out to a minimum. Me with my girls on Thurs. and he and Nelson will keep their weekly Man-Date on Thurs. 
  • Chicken wings only once a week - that would be on Saturday for our weekly Hooters excursion...  Yes, we go to Hooters on a weekly basis. 
  • No more sugary cereal (again, more of his vice than mine)
  • We're going to get fruit to eat for snacks
  • No more pizza, except once in a while is ok....  Thank God, I was getting sick of pizza
  • No more eating out for lunch, we're going to pack sandwiches and fruit instead.  
  • And we are going to exercise.  Instead of our weekly ritual of "Tuesdays with Maury (Povich that is), we are going to get up early and jog on A1A by the beach.  Or in my case probably crawl.  And I was also going to actually use my gym membership.  
Hahaha.. wish us luck

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Thursday, April 03, 2008

And we're back... again...

Yet another service appointment exactly one week after the last one. After three days of no internet or cable, I'm back in business. Both services were completely off, like they were totally disconnected. This time no explanation was given and the technician was here about a total of 5 minutes.

This is getting ridiculous. At least the guy that I talked to on the phone said he would credit my account for 3 days. So I figure I'll only have to pay about $60 for these services this month. It's Comcastic!