Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ain't technology great?

After a weekend like this, I want to dump all on my technological toys and go live in a cave. It started out with my computer on Friday. I'll keep a really long story short and just say that there is some really bad adware/spyware out there. I'm pretty good at running antivirus and adware programs, but there is so much crap out there. Just do yourself a favor and make sure you have some really good anti spyware/adware programs and run them often... and make sure you update your definitions frequently. I run two different adware programs and this particular bug that got me literally wormed it's way on and opened up a floodgate. And it has ways of hiding little bits and pieces throughout your system that will automatically reinstall the program every time you delete it. So you have to go through and find the little bits and pieces and delete them manually. I'm proud that I managed to do it and not delete something important.

I'm really tempted to toss this blasted computer and get a Mac.

My other little technological mishap had to do with a cell phone. Basically it's taking a really long cab ride right now. So I got to go buy a new cell phone today! YAY! Just what I wanted to spend my money on. But I do have a nice new phone, and it's a cool little toy. No need to buy that iPod I've been wanting, because this phone is pretty fancy!

The downfall is that I was pretty stupid and didn't back up any of the phone numbers off my old phone. So now I have a nice new phone and I don't have any numbers to call. But at least I have a cool phone!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

My favorite place

Since I don't have much time to post, I'm just going to put up a pretty picture. This is one of my mornings on the beach before heading to work in the afternoon. It was a beautiful morning, even though it wasn't too sunny.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

I know I'm a bit late...

But I have to chime in on the previous conversation between a couple of Betties (Torii and Cheryl). I just have to submit my entry to the whole ass-hat discussion.

My entry is Curtis Stone, the "Take Home Chef."

I've even started shopping at Whole Foods and getting gussied up in the hopes that this man leans oven my shopping cart and asks me if he could come to my place to cook dinner.

I ask you: How would you like to see this man bending over your hot stove?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Must... read... on...

I've spent the entire day hanging out with Harry. I'm exhausted but I can't make myself stop reading. Not only am I totally absorbed into the story, but I'm so worried that someone will spoil something for me. Just like the jerk that published the book review in the New York Times, I'm afraid someone will go blabbing on TV or something.

I vowed I would not turn my TV on or listen to the radio until I've finished it. Earlier today I did need to take a break, so I took a risk and turned the TV on to the Food Network. I'm feeling pretty confident that Alton Brown or Paula Dean won't be leaking Harry Potter spoilers. But you never know.... back to reading I must go!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I love tourists :)

Recently I've been so busy that I haven't been taking much time for myself. I've come up with this bright idea to relax a little and it's been working out wonderfully. Every time I have to work in the evening, I get up early and hit the beach by 9:00. It's so quiet and so peaceful, and VERY relaxing. It's an awesome way to spend maybe an hour or two by myself and just unwind. Except when someone comes along and interrupts your alone time

Today I have to be to work at 1:00, so I decided to go to the beach. I'm sitting on the edge of the water for about an hour and a half when I decide I need to go. I start to pack up and I see this this guy walking down the beach. He spots me, and starts heading up my way. He's got goggles on his head, the biggest grin you've ever seen, and he's sporting a.... I'll just say that he must have been pleased with the view he had he walked down the beach checking out all the girls.

As he tries to make small talk, I'm trying my hardest not to look at him or crack up. He can't figure out why I'm laughing. He also can't understand why all the other people around us seem to be laughing too. I busy myself with packing up my beach bag, and trying to not look at him. Finally he gets the hint that I won't go swimming with him like he wanted me to and he leaves. "Maybe next time", he says. Yeah, sure buddy.

And then he moved on to the next group of girls about 25 feet down the beach. Everyone in the vicinity lost it and started cracking up. As I walked off the beach, some people that witnessed the whole thing gave me a thumbs.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm pooped...

I've been running around like crazy at work. I have one major project that I've been working on for about 2 months and I have a week to wrap it up. Then I have 2 major programs I've been trying to plan in between. The first of which was today. We'll just say that I had somewhere between 80-90 small children, and probably about 30-35 adults. An exact count was impossible, because it would be like trying to count a bunch of ladybugs in a box. When you have that many preschoolers in one room, let's just say they don't sit still. And they kept coming, and coming, and coming... At one point I just stood in the middle of the room with a look on my face that resembled a deer in headlight.

The funniest part about the whole thing was when I looked at myself in the mirror after the event. My hair was standing on end, I had this wild and crazy look in my eyes, and I had this mysterious twitch in my cheek.

Now I plan on spending the rest of my evening sipping on a beer and finishing my beanie for the Charmed Knits KAL.

Friday, July 13, 2007

I has a flavor. Does you has a flavor?

I don't know about you, but apparently Patrick Stewart has a flavor.

My friend sent me this link earlier today, and I've been giggling ever since. Call me easily amused but I think it's darned funny.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

I got screwed... or at least my burrito did

The other day I had a serious craving for mexican food, so I decided to try something new. I went to this restaurant that I've been wanting to try for about a year and a half now. It was ok, but nothing spectacular. As I was leaving the restaurant I was thinking that I would go back, but I wouldn't go out of my way to do so. At least I thought so until I tried eating my left overs. I'm down to the last couple bites of my burrito when I bite down on something hard. I pull out part of a little aluminum screw or nail or something. I didn't bite down on it and break a tooth or anything, so I'm not going to make a huge deal about it. I just don't think I'll be eating there anytime soon.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Soundtrack of my life meme

I took one of those surveys where you are supposed to put your iPod on shuffle and let it create your soundtrack. I had to use my iTunes since I don't have an iPod. I did have to cheat and forward through some stuff since I have a lot of random junk and samples jumbled up amongst the songs. But other than that I stuck to the rules of no cheating. I'm shocked at some of the results. I think my iTunes knew what I was doing!

Soundtrack of my life

Opening credits: 12:51 - The Strokes
Not bad for an opening son

Waking up: Section 9 (Light & Day/Reach for the Sun) - Polyphonic Spree
Hahahaha! Best waking up song ever!

Average day: New Slang - The Shins
I love this song. My average day must be pretty mellow.

First date: We're Going to be Friends - Jack Johnson
That's cute :)

Falling in love: Can't Help Falling in Love - Eels (remake of course)
Complete coincidence. Like I said, I think my iTunes knew what I was doing!

Love scene: Such Great Heights - Iron & Wine
Hmmmmm... my purchase of the Garden State soundtrack seems like it's coming in handy. I love Zach Braff's taste in music.

Fight scene: The Reason - Hoobastank
Not only am I ashamed to admit that I downloaded this song, but it's couldn't have picked a better time to play!

Breaking up: Irreplaceable - Beyonce
Hahahahaha! I downloaded this after I got dumped last fall!

Getting back together: Let Go - Frou Frou
Again, thank you Zach Braff

Secret love: Hanging by a Moment - Lifehouse
Yet another song that I am ashamed to admit that I downloaded

Life's okay: Like Humans do - David Byrne
Don't really remember downloading this

Mental breakdown: Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes

Driving: Gasolina - Daddy Yankee
Ajajajaja! Love my reggaeton!

Learning a lesson: You Belong to me (remake) - Ben Taylor
Ok, I guess this works. Maybe.

Deep thought: Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley
Wonder what my deep thought is.

Flashback: One Headlight - The Wallflowers
Yeah, this song is pretty old.

Partying: Lo Que Paso, Paso - Daddy Yankee
:) love my reggaeton!

Happy dance: Mister Brightside - The Killers
Yeah, I'd dance to this

Regretting: Overkill (acoustic) - Collin Hay
Too funny! Actually I think this song is about regretting. I swear I didn't cheat!

Long night alone: Into the Ocean - Blue October
Isn't this a song about drowning? Hmmmm....

Death scene: Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
Pretty dramatic I guess.

Closing credits: Bubble Toes - Jack Johnson
Nice peppy way to end the soundtrack!

Camisole of Death progress

Tonight at knit-night I finally finished the back of my camisole of death that I've been working of for a while. I'm very proud of it. I only really have one mistake/design element. The good news is that it is something that can be easily fixed with a little thread and a couple of good knots. Shhhh... trade secret :) There are also a couple of minor design elements that I might be working on correcting. You see, the pattern called for increases. I've known how to do increases since about the time I learned how to knit, but I discovered that they tend to create a little hole. Carol finally taught me how to remedy this, but it was a few inches too late. We'll see if I can live with the little tiny holes or not. Most likely I may be playing with a little more thread. Now I know. Tomorrow I will start to tackle the front!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Big news on the home front

I don't know how I'm really going to take this one.. I just got a call from my parents last week. They told me that they had some big news. To make a long story short, they bought a new house and put the home that I was born and raised in on the market. In some ways I want to be nostalgic for the house, but in other ways I'm really happy for them. It's going to be a good thing, but it's a little sad at the same time. When I go home to visit in August, this will be the last time that I set foot in my childhood home. There's other things that will change as well. Now when I go home to visit my parents, I will be nowhere close to my GR or the Bucktown (the city I grew up near). If I want to visit these places, I will specifically have to buy a plane ticket to get there. None of these combining trips that I've been doing.