Thursday, February 11, 2010

Epic eye appointment

A couple weeks ago one of my contacts gave out. It was my last pair, so I had to go to the eye doctor. I had been putting an appointment off for a while, but it turned into and emergency. I can't drive, work or really function with one eye.

I managed to get an appointment and walk out with a pair of lenses. They weren't my full prescription strength, but they would work for a week while they ordered some lenses for me. I only had to suffer with them for a week while they ordered some lenses for me. Holy crap, these things are terrible! They are worse than the first pair. I don't know what's wrong with the prescription but I feel like I'm walking around cross-eyed. I had to go back to the first lense he gave me for one of my eyes. That one seems ok, but not 100% as sharp as it could be. The other one is all wrong. I can't tell whether it is over corrected or not high enough. The biggest problem I have is that my eye seem to be competing with each other, and it's hard to get a focus on something.

Two weeks of dizziness, headaches, and feeling sleepy all the time. Now I get to go back and get them to try and fix the prescription. One more week in a new trial pair, an extra week if they have to order more in. Each mess-up will be another week. I ordered a pair of glasses at the same time. I can't wait to see what those are like if he messed up with my contacts so bad.

Laser surgery is looking mighty tempting right now.

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