Monday, March 15, 2010

Grocery shopping

Half the time I think I'm lucky to get out of the grocery store without ending up featured on America's Most Wanted. I'm used to people being rude, but the grocery store seems to bring out the best in people.

Tonight I went in, got a cart, and proceeded to start shopping. I put about 5 things in the cart and set it to the side for less than a minute while I picked some hummus out from the deli. I turned around and my cart (which had been less than 5 feet from me) had completely vanished. Thinking someone might have mistaken it for their own, I looked around for it. I didn't see anyone with it and I didn't see any other abandoned carts. I went back to the front to get a new cart, picked out my groceries again, and started shopping again. I found my groceries from the first cart stuck on a shelf in the next isle. So someone grabbed my cart, ran, and ditched the groceries when they were out of sight. Classy.

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